I Did 50 Burpees Every Day For 30 Days and Here’s What Happened

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Burpees are ones of the most efficient kinds of exercises you can make, and numerous people claim they have experienced amazing benefits after completing a 30-day burpee challenge.

You need to do 50 burpees daily for a month, and you will literally transform your body!

Yet, before you decide to start, read on to get some important tips:

Pick the right moment to start

You need to plan the perfect time to start with the burpee challenge, as if you start with it, and make a few days break, it would be much more difficult to go back on the track again.

Therefore, pick a day when you will start, and make sure you will have enough time for 50 burpees every single day, at least for the first 10 days. This will keep you motivated, and as soon as the initial effects are visible, there is a significantly lower risk of quitting.

The beginning will be hard

Burpees are not easy to perform, and the beginning is difficult, to be honest. Yet, you should avoid all kinds of excuses, and be determined to go on with the challenge, in order to complete it.

Burpees are incredibly effective

This challenge will soon show you that burpees are ones of the most effective exercises for the entire body. At first, your body might get sore, and you will sweat a lot, but after a while, the only effects of the challenge will be positive.

Maintaining good form is of great help

This challenge provides amazing effects, but it also teaches you two different lessons. The first thing you should remember is to avoid locking the elbows while in a plank position and keep them engaged instead, by performing a push up on the halfway.

Also, to protect the lower back and ease the movements, engage the abs more intentionally.

Toned arms

Burpees efficiently tone the arms, to an extent that you cannot even recognize them, after the second or third week.

Accountability helps

You can get much better effects if you start the challenge with a friend or a partner. You will both share your experience and results, and easily get addicted to the challenge.

It would also be beneficial to leverage IRL accountability and do the daily amount of burpees after walking or a yoga class.

Time-saving exercise

It might look differently before you start it, but this challenge will take only 10 minutes of your time daily, and this time will reduce as you become accustomed to the exercise. Divide the 50 burpees into 5 sets of 10 repetitions, and make a short break in between.

You will quickly become addicted to this challenge, and even though it is not an easy task, and it will help you get a toned and strong body.

So, when are you starting?

Source: female-fit-body.com

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