82 Percent of Patients Managed to Avoid Root Canals Using These Ancient Medicinal Herbs

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A root canal can be both, highly painful and very expensive, so most people would gladly avoid it if possible.

These treatments involve drilling most of the tooth out, and filling it with other substances, meaning that the former tooth is actually mostly lost.

There are natural tooth remedies like essential oils and the process of oil pulling, but today, we are going to reveal the best potential root canal treatment that provides positive effects in 82% of cases.

It is known as ‘Padma Basic‘ and is commonly used in many Eastern countries.

This formula is a combination of various different compounds, including:

  • Iceland Moss (Strong antibiotic)
  • Cardamom (Regulates blood pressure)
  • Red Saunders Heart Wood (Anti-Septic, regulates blood pressure)
  • Costus Root Neem Fruit (Anti-fatigue, anti-viral properties)
  • Bael Tree Fruit (Anti-inflammatory properties)

The findings of a study published by Better Nutrition pointed out that:

“According to a 2007 article in Better Nutrition, a total of 82 percent of participants in a study using the Padma Basic herbal supplement were able to improve to the point where they did not need root canal treatments or tooth extractions. The 49 patients took the blend twice a day until their symptoms had disappeared…”

This treatment cannot cure diseases teeth in all cases, but it fights the infections and lowers the inflammation so that it makes the root canal treatment unnecessary.

Try Padma Basic, as it might solve all your tooth issues in a safe and natural way!

Source: althealthworks.com

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