I’am 68 Years Old And I Do Not Have A Single Joint Pain – The Solution Was Easier Than I Thought

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Knee pain can be intense and debilitating, as it reduces the normal movements of the leg and might lead to severe complications.

The testimony of a 68-year old man supported the amazing effects of this powerful remedy. Namely, this man claims that he has used it on a daily basis for years, and it was the natural miracle that helped him live a life free of joint pain.

Yet, today, we suggest a natural shake that will help you soothe the pain in the knees and joints, and relieve the discomfort, avoiding the severe side-effects of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Diseases like osteoarthritis or arthritis are the main cause of joint pain, and they often lead to definite and secure immobility.  Yet, the following natural Russian remedy will relieve the pain in the joints and slow down the progression of these diseases.

Here is how to make it:


  • 1 eggplant
  • 1 liter of water.


Boil the water, remove it from heat, and add the sliced eggplant to it. Leave to cool, and strain.

Then, divide the remedy into two containers. Pour 750ml of it in a bottle.

For internal use:

Divide the 750ml into three shots, and drink one as soon as you wake up, the other before your lunch, and the third before going to bed.

For external use:

Add 50 ml of olive oil to the remaining 250 ml, and apply the mixture to the painful areas at night.

You will feel the improvements very soon!

Source: awarenessremedies.com

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