Plantain, a Common Driveway Weed, Has the Power to Cure Almost Anything That Ails You

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Plantain is one of the native plants brought to America from England, and apparently, it is much more powerful than we ever imagined.

It was also known as  ‘man’s foot’ as it was so common and easy to find on gaps and trodden paths. Yet, we usually dig it up when sprucing up the garden, as it grows big, with not very attractive flowers.

Yet, it turns out that this ‘weed’ is actually a potent natural medicine that can cure numerous ailments and diseases.

This plant is loaded with nutrients, which provide powerful medicinal properties, including:

  • Anti-inflammatory – fights inflammation
  • Diuretic – eliminates excess water from the body
  • Antibacterial – destroys bacteria or prevents bacterial growth
  • Vermifuge – destroys parasitic worms
  • Expectorant – loosens mucus and helps its expulsion
  • Antidote – eliminates toxins
  • Antiseptic – prevents microbial growth
  • Cardiac – improves heart health
  • Ophthalmic – relieves eye conditions
  • Astringent – stops bleeding and contracts tissues
  • Antitussive – soothes coughs
  • Demulcent – soothes and protects mucus membranes
  • Haemostatic – stops external bleeding
  • Refrigerant – cools the body and treats fever by stimulating sweating
  • Poultice – fights infections in wounds
  • Laxative – treats constipation

Plantain has been commonly applied to stings, wounds, and burns for centuries, as it soothes the pain, and prevents infections.

Its leaves were one of the first antacid versions, and by chewing them, you can relieve digestion issues.

Yet, one of the most interesting facts about plantain is that it helps in the fight against cancer, since it is rich in oleanolic acid and ursolic acid, which effectively inhibit tumor growth.

Therefore, next time you notice it in the garden, make sure you try its medicinal properties!

Its results will amaze you!


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